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The Urgency of Protecting Afghan Women Entrepreneurs’ Gains

By Guest | September 9, 2021

The number of Afghan women who own and run businesses grew from zero in 2002 to around 57,000 in 2020, including both licensed and unlicensed businesses. This was remarkable progress in less than two decades. I witnessed firsthand the growth of women in business and know stories of thousands of women from Kabul and other…

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Organizational Update

By Terry Neese | September 9, 2021

In the midst of everything else going on, we’ve made an exciting internal change. IEEW is pleased to introduce Anna Rohwer as our new Director of Global Operations!  Anna comes to us with 10 years of international development experience, with a focus on global non-profit operations, programs, and communications. Anna’s work has spanned continents and…

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15th Anniversary Awards Presentation

By kford | August 4, 2021

On July 15, 2021, the Institute for Economic Empowerment of Women celebrated 15 years by recognizing individuals who have made a significant contribution or impact. Honorees were recognized at an event hosted by HoganTaylor LLC Oklahoma City, with proceeds benefiting IEEW and its PEACE THROUGH BUSINESS® program.

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What One Afghan Family Can Accomplish Out of Love & Compassion

By kford | June 2, 2021

Wahab and Manizha married in 2011. Manizha says of Wahab, “he has been a great partner, very gender sensitive and very courageous to break gender stereotypes.” Showing his understanding of his bride-to-be, Wahab assured Manizha that he expected her to continue her professional work and reach for the goals she had set. He emphasized, “in 5 or 10 years from now, I don’t want you to look back and say, ‘oh, you couldn’t do this or achieve that, because you married me’.” Wahab has been Manizha’s rock, ensuring that their life together remains as he promised the day they married. He supports her everyday work and accomplishments, but moreover, he enjoys her drive, respects her independence, appreciates her competency and deep sense of responsibility for family, friends, and indeed, for the world at large.

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Stories of Meticulous Balancing

By kford | May 28, 2021

“…Although at times the work takes her away from home, just like mine takes me away most of the time, we were blessed with autonomous children who have grown up into very reliable adults who look out for each other all the time. Mine has mostly been online parenting and sporadically physically present. Despite the enormous challenges that come with distance parenting, it doesn’t stop me from engaging them in discussions of values of hard work, discipline, respect for self and for others, especially our elders. Career and parenting requires very meticulous balancing.”

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When Women Lead

By kford | March 2, 2021

All-day, every day, around the world, a more gender-balanced world is being forged. For centuries people around the world have been marking March 8th as a special day for women. At the Institute for Economic Empowerment of Women, we understand the importance of dedicating this special celebration to Afghanistan and Rwanda’s hard working women. This…

Power of the Pack

By kford | March 2, 2021

Traditionally, society has taught us the cliche saying “survival of the fittest,” in other words, you won’t make it in this world without competition. The truth is, working with one another and building up each other’s power, enough to challenge it, is truly the only way society will change and evolve.  At the Institute for…

From One Woman’s Success to the Next

By kford | February 3, 2021

When a seasoned, more experienced member of an organization takes on guiding someone under “their wing,” they open doors for a new entrepreneur. Through a relationship built on trust, communication, and respect, the mentoring relationship guides the mentee through the ropes of organizational socialization. At the Institute for Economic Empowerment of Women, we offer virtual…

Developing Relationships

By kford | February 3, 2021

Networking is not only about trading information; it serves as an avenue to create long-term relationships with mutual benefits. Many individuals who have excelled in their careers can often track their success to robust network channels developed over time. The critical question to ask yourself is who you network with and their relevance to your…

Cultivating Fashion and Tradition in Afghanistan

By kford | January 6, 2021

With an eye for fashion and a passion to contribute to her loving hometown, Mohsina Saqeb sought to find her ideal job in the fashion industry. Born in Kabul, Afghanistan into a family of eight, Mohsina followed in her father’s footsteps to become a well-educated business entrepreneur. Having graduated from the PEACE THROUGH BUSINESS® program…

Securing the “Right Seat” for Rwanda’s Workforce

By kford | January 6, 2021

“I lived a happy childhood, where I felt the warmth of my family until April 7th, 1994.”  Broken into pieces after losing her mother and three siblings, Celine Uwineza found herself battling inner emotions yet determined, now more than ever, to overcome her grief and unleash her desire for a brighter future. Some would say…

The Battle Against Hunger

By Guest | October 31, 2020

Since the genocide against the Tutsis in 1994, Rwanda has fought a battle against its children’s stunting problem. With the country’s population consisting mostly of youth, Rwanda has been pressing efforts to create sustainable resources to transform communities through health andeconomic empowerment. Inspirational women such as Fortunee Uwimana experienced firsthand the loss of not just…

Weaving Success Through Diversity & Obstacles

By Guest | October 30, 2020

Anyone who has ever seen beautiful, handwoven carpets must admit that it takes time and skill, and most importantly, patience for the process. For Zargol Alami, it is a way to put her dedication and abilities to good use toward her wish of expanding the unique handcrafts of Kunduz women throughout the world. Some might…


By kford | October 15, 2020

M&U Ninda Ltd: Green Energy for All, is a energy product retailer and wholesaler, importing and selling energy saving lighting to engineers and contractors, as well as individual middle-class households in Rwanda. Clarisse is betting on the future needs for energy savings and the desire to offset rising electricity prices. In fact, the Rwandan government is announcing…

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