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Book & Brains and Little Smiles

By kford | February 13, 2020

Branding is a key step to any new business. Sometimes a brand becomes part of our everyday vocabulary, such as googled, or Kleenex, and even bubble wrap. And some names become synonymous with an action; hoola-hoop, trampoline, and jet ski. So it is exciting to see some of the clever branding being used by students…

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Staying Rooted and Giving Back, Faheema Commits to her Home Country

By kford | January 30, 2020

What makes impact sustainable? Donor dollars should set the ball in motion for organic change within a community, not act as a source of reliance. One woman impacting many – that is the philosophy of creating peace through business. And that is why the PEACE THROUGH BUSINESS® program is so important. One graduate from the…

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The Eclectic World of PEACE THROUGH BUSINESS(r) Mentorship

By kford | January 2, 2020

Who is a PEACE THROUGH BUSINESS(r) mentor and what do they do? As a new employee at the Institute for Economic Empowerment of Women in March 2013, that very question was heavy on my mind. Founder & CEO Terry Neese gave me a list of student names and businesses, wondering if I might find pairing…

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Chantal Nyirandama: Reaching for the Stars

By kford | December 5, 2019

Recently, 2016 PEACE THROUGH BUSINESS® grad Chantal Nyirandama earned 2-star status for her evolving business, Nice Garden Training Center, from the Rwanda Development Board. Chantal’s long-term goal is to become the best choice in Gicumbi for temporary lodging. She is well on her way!  As the wife of a priest and mother of four, Chantal…

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PEACE THROUGH BUSINESS® Graduates are Propelling the Rwandan Fashion Industry

By kford | November 6, 2019

Fashion is many things and performs various functions beyond allowing people to express themselves. It is art, it is history, it is empowerment. Fashion is business, economic development, and it is even technology. It’s a chance to share culture with the world and spread color and hope, and in Rwanda, that is certainly the case.…

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Around the Class of 2019: Barbara Umuhoza

By kford | October 4, 2019

Barbara’s vision for her company, Eclat Communications, is “To become an international leading communication company by 2030 by creatively providing content and business support that will socially and economically transform lives.” She formed the business as a way for people to create and maintain meaningful relationships with each other. Barbara serves to influence the globe,…

Poupoune Makes her Mark in the African Film Industry

By kford | June 28, 2019

Story teller, visionary, and ultimate business woman are but a few phrases used to characterize Poupoune Sesonga, the ambitious leader aiming to bridge the gap between dreamers and doers in her native country of Rwanda. Poupoune has dedicated her career to all forms of mass media, specifically filmmaking, and accessing tools that allow Rwandan creators…

IEEW Continues to Diversify Through Leadership

By kford | June 6, 2019

New additions to the Institute for Economic Empowerment of Women’s Board of Directors and International Advisory Council offer more dynamic support for global women’s empowerment. IEEW is proud to welcome two new members to the Board of Directors, Dao Jensen of San Francisco, California, and Cathy Cruzan of Edmond, Oklahoma. Dao Jensen has been in…

Paying It Forward Profiles: Bibi Yalda Seddiqi

By IEEW Intern | March 6, 2019

Bibi Yalda says she is thankful to everyone involved in the PEACE THROUGH BUSINESS® program for giving Afghan women the opportunity to gain the knowledge so they might turn their ideas into action. We are so proud of Bibi and her go get ‘em spirit!

Brewing Up Success In Rwanda

By IEEW Intern | March 5, 2019

Brewing Up Success In Rwanda 2019 PEACE THROUGH BUSINESS® student, Agnes Mukamushinja, wants the world to know exactly how important the Rwandan coffee trade is, not only to the country but to its women as well. As a child, Agnes beamed with pride when she had the chance to tag along with her father, an…

Paying It Forward Profiles: Zainab Mohseni

By IEEW Intern | February 1, 2019

NSES was Zainab’s first business adventure and she wished to improve her management leadership skills, leading her to seek out the PEACE THROUGH BUSINESS® program in Kabul.

Christine Hategekimana is Stepping Up as a Leader in Rwanda

By IEEW Intern | January 2, 2019

“As a woman, I can’t find words to express my gratitude for this opportunity given to me and other women, by Institute for Economic Empowerment of Women (IEEW) and PEACE THROUGH BUSINESS® Rwanda which really changed my life and improved my business.” – Christine Hategekimana, PTB® Class of 2017. Christine has shown tremendous dedication to…

Igniting Inspiration for Women of All Ages

By kford | December 4, 2018

The women who come through our program are worth every single effort that we collectively put forth. Their personal stories of triumph over chaos and oppression ignite inspiration for women of all ages from around the world.

Mathilde and the Women of Destiny are Paying it Forward in Rwanda

By kford | October 30, 2018

The PEACE THROUGH BUSINESS® program has stayed true to our core mission of empowering women across our 13 years of service. Each year, 60 women put together their business plan during in-country studies in Rwanda and Afghanistan.

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