Developing Relationships

Marghuba Safi and Fatima Hussaini exchanging business ideas over lunch.

Networking is not only about trading information; it serves as an avenue to create long-term relationships with mutual benefits. Many individuals who have excelled in their careers can often track their success to robust network channels developed over time. The critical question to ask yourself is who you network with and their relevance to your career. 

For the women of PEACE THROUGH BUSINESS®, networking means banding together to work toward a more sustainable society. Small and mid-size business women are the backbone of economies and key to development and stability. “As an entrepreneur, I am trying my best to get better knowledge about my business’s trading and marketing strategies,” said 2021 PTB student Marghuba Safi, owner of Peshraft Zanan. 

During the in-counrty course lunch break one recent afternoon, Marghuba began a conversation with Fatima Hussaini, a fellow student and owner of Pichak Plants. Marghuba and Fatima quickly noticed one another’s business strengths and similarities. The conversation turned into a partnership marketing their complimentary goods through an exhibition and demonstration. Being entrepreneurs in the same community using the same commodity for different purposes has helped Fatima and Marghuba develop ideas together to push past roadblocks potentially affecting their success. “As our work has a direct link now, I’m hoping to work with some of her flowers and incorporate it as the main ingredient for my soaps,” said Marghuba.

When done right, networking feedback helps women identify role models, sponsors, mentors, and opportunities to expand their business. “PTB program made us familiar with each other and showed us how the networking is essential in our business,” said Fatima. Not only are PTB women rising in their careers, they are paying it forward by lifting up their classmates and fellow women in business.

In addition to engaging in meaningful conversations and relationships, PTB women network through action. “I hope I have the network with businesswomen such as Mrs. Marqhuba for a long time and have collaboration between each other,” said Fatima. These women share their dreams and continue to learn business skills while uplifting one-another as they strive to be leaders within their communities. The self-confidence and self-esteem built over time help PTB students form a positive impression when interacting with like-minded people. They are the inspiration within their communities.