“What a blessing for me to have been a part of PTB class of 2019! I feel more confident in the way I run my business. I am excited about the future opportunities and PROUD to be part of such a program with fellow women.”

– Laetitia Mukantwaza, PTB Rwanda class of 2019


Join the PEACE THROUGH BUSINESS® global sisterhood

In 15 years, the PEACE THROUGH BUSINESS® program has educated and empowered 877 women in Afghanistan and Rwanda, including the PTB/NU Pathways mini-courses. We are energized to continue our efforts annually, beginning each January. Classes in Kabul and in Kigali meet twice a week for 10 weeks (4 hour sessions) to study basic business principles, taking part in lectures, discussions, and break-out sessions under the direction of In-Country Facilitators, Manizha Wafeq (PTB Class of 2007) and Chantal Munanayire (PTB Class of 2014). Class start dates will be announced to applicants in the future.

The curriculum for PEACE THROUGH BUSINESS®, which has grown and evolved with the program over the years, is provided and accredited by our educational partner and sponsor, Northwood University. Upon graduation, students become a member of the PEACE THROUGH BUSINESS® alumnae association in their home country.

PTB®/NU Pathways Mini-Courses, Parwan
PTB®/NU Pathways Mini-Courses, Parwan
Sarah Mukandutiye, PTB® 2019
Sarah Mukandutiye, PTB® 2019
Mahboba Ibrahimi, PTB® 2010
Mahboba Ibrahimi, PTB® 2010
Benie Mukamurangwa PTB® 2019
Benie Mukamurangwa PTB® 2019

“This program is a very professional platform and network for Afghan businesswomen. I am looking forward to using what I have learnt for the benefit of my beloved country Afghanistan.”

– Nastaran Bina, PTB Afghanistan class of 2019


Beginning in January each year, the 10 weeks of in-country classes (in Kabul, Afghanistan and Kigali City, Rwanda) cover many subjects including accounting, marketing, and operations to women who are blazing trails as entrepreneurs. In addition, students can work with an eMentor to assist in developing a business plan for their future.

By the end of class, these entrepreneurs will have compiled a completed business plan, acquired countless ideas to expand their business, and started a network of real-world connections.

The applications for the 2023 PEACE THROUGH BUSINES class in Afghanistan and Rwanda are now available.

DEADLINE for the application submission is

October 31, 2022.


  • PEACE THROUGH BUSINESS® conducts intensive 5-day mini-courses covering the basic business principles to build a business plan in the more rural provinces of Afghanistan. These courses, NU/PTB Pathways, are certified through Northwood University, our educational partner in the USA. Students have the opportunity to complete business plans with the help of mentors and eMentors by March in order to receive full accreditation. Upon completion, students become a member of the PEACE THROUGH BUSINESS® Network, the alumnae association in Afghanistan.
  • Fall 2021 Pathways courses to be announced in the fall.
Facilitator Manizha Wafeq stands with five trailblazing women entrepreneurs in Parwan, Afghanistan during the 2018 fall PTB® / NU Pathways mini-courses.


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We look forward to meeting the next entrepreneurial leaders from Afghanistan & Rwanda!

YOU have the opportunity to create #peacethroughbusiness. Your ripple can go far beyond the reach of your business to benefit your family, your community, your country... and the world.

If you are a potential student with a question, or if you’d like to get involved with PEACE THROUGH BUSINESS® as a mentor, volunteer or sponsor, please use the button below or email us at info@ieew.org.

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