In-Country Education

30 women from each country participate in the classroom training that provides basic business education. All classes are taught by PEACE THROUGH BUSINESS® Alumnae who are certified in the PEACE THROUGH BUSINESS® curriculum. The classes focus on developing entrepreneurs, improving technical skills, and creating leaders with an emphasis in Accounting, Marketing, and Operations. By the end of the 10-week course, the students will have developed a business plan that will be used to guide their business and apply for business loans.

Leadership Development

The top 15 students from each country are selected to travel to the United States for two weeks of additional training. Students attend lectures, coaching sessions, and hear from renowned speakers, business people and influencers at AT&T University in Las Colinas, Texas. An opportunity to create international connections and business relationships, the women also spend five days with a mentor, living and working with an experienced business owner in their field of work.

Pay it Forward

PEACE THROUGH BUSINESS® graduates understand the importance of personal responsibility and have pledged to support their country by being the Change Agents needed to revolutionize their economy. Each of the graduates donates her time as a mentor to other women business owners, serves as a speaker at women’s organizations, and as an advocate on economic issues.