The Afghan Adjustment Act

Congress will soon vote on the passage of the Afghan Adjustment Act.

The majority of Afghans evacuated to the US following our military withdrawal have only been granted temporary protection via humanitarian parole, which is due to expire this summer or next. Though they have the legal right to temporarily live and work in the US, they have no direct path to permanent residence or citizenship.

After everything they have experienced, our Afghan neighbors deserve to have lasting safety and opportunity in the place they now call home. Congress could provide evacuated Afghans with a straightforward path to permanent residence by passing an adjustment act targeting this specific population.

America must keep its promise, and you can play a part. Please call your Congressional representatives TODAY and tell them to support the Afghan Adjustment Act! 

Here is some draft language that you can share via phone or email:

Hello, my name is X.

I am calling to request your support of the Afghan Adjustment Act.

Over 70,000 Afghans were evacuated to the US in the summer of 2021. Most of these Afghans were granted a temporary immigration status that is valid for just 1-2 years and offers no clear path to permanent residence or citizenship.

Tens of thousands of the evacuated Afghan children, women, and men will now need to navigate complex legal issues to find more lasting protection in the US.

I am advocating for the Afghan Adjustment Act so that our new Afghan neighbors who have already been through so much will be given the opportunity to integrate quickly into their new home. Our country has historically done this for other populations, and I am asking you to do it for our Afghan allies.

Please do the right thing. Support the Afghan Adjustment Act now!