Our Students

Uwizeye Tadhim


Olado is an e-commerce business that sells products made in Rwanda and imports goods from around the world. They offer international shipping as well as local delivery for the residents of Kigali.

Delphine Kamaziga
Uruziga Ceramics Ltd
Uruziga Cermanics Ltd is a market for Rwandan pottery makers to sell their products and allows others to shop at the store, Kigali Pottery Collections. Delphine was inspired to bring back the pottery industry to Rwanda and creates a market for local artists to sell their work.

Freshta Akbari

Nazif Confectionary – نظیف پزی شیرینی

Nazif Confectionary is based in Mazar-I-Sharif, Afghanistan and sells handmade pastries, cupcakes, and other delectable treats. Opened in 2018, the company now has 15 employees and has created job opportunities for 60 women in the area.

Kevine Kagirimpundu

Uzuri K&Y

Kevine and Ysolde founded Uzuri K&Y with a passion for the fashion industry. The brand brings traditional African fashion to the mainstream and seeks to empower women and the youth of the country of a thousand hills.

Teddy Gaju

Nzuli Collections

Teddy started Nzuli Collections when she was unable to find a satin bonnet in her village and decided to satisfy her need by making her own. Now, Nzuli Collections sells not only satin bonnets but men's and women's clothing along with other crafts.

Nyirantwari Masitura

Simba Africa Safaris

Nyriantwari founded Simba Africa Safaris with the goal to expand the local tourism in Rwanda. Offering tours across Rwanda and several other countries, Simba Africa Safaris aim to promote the local culture and enrich tourists with a taste of Rwanda.