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Dr. Susan Chambers volunteering at the pop-up shop during Leadership Development Gala 2018

Leadership Development is just around the corner (July 14 – 27) and as always, we will need our incredible army of volunteers. Leadership Development volunteer spots in the Dallas area are now open!

We have all heard the adage, “it takes a village.” This is especially true for the PEACE THROUGH BUSINESS® Leadership Program. It takes a village of enthusiastic and dedicated individuals of various expertise to empower the business women dedicated to bringing peace and a vital economy to their war-torn and emerging communities such as Kabul, Afghanistan and Kigali, Rwanda. The PEACE THROUGH BUSINESS® village is a fun community to be working in – full of smiles, laughter and a burning desire for knowledge and experience – where friendships are forged and a new global community is formed.

PEACE THROUGH BUSINESS® Leadership Program Volunteers often say they learn more than the Afghan and Rwandan business women they are working with. Whether you’re a mentor, a volunteer at the registration desk during Leadership Development, or a social fundraiser, each role is as important as the next. 

Visit the Volunteer Procedure Manual for more details; opportunities available, task descriptions and more.

"Volunteerism is good for the health of people who receive social support, but also good for the health of people who offer their help."

Ichiro Kawachi, professor of social epidemiology at Harvard’s School of Public Health

IEEW Internship Opportunity

Title: Volunteer Coordinator

Date(s): 2019 - Summer 2019 Term includes travel to Dallas for up to two weeks

Intern Duties and Responsibilities: Perform duties in an energetic, positive, and confident manner.  Willingness to assist public in all aspects of the IEEW programs.  Purposefully share information to enhance the public’s knowledge of the IEEW as well as their mission and programs.

Other duties and responsibilities are:

  • Plan, coordinate, and implement outreach events where volunteers are needed.
  • Communicate with community partners to provide regular updates on the IEEW programs and all event opportunities; distributing IEEW materials and volunteer opportunities.
  • Proactively engage the school communities, neighborhood leaders and local businesses to heighten the image of the IEEW and gain new volunteers.
  • Build lasting, reciprocal relationships with community partners through communication, education, planning, identification of needs and resources.


  • Exceptional verbal and written communication skills.
  • Confident public speaking skills and ability to develop presentations.
  • Computers and audio/visual equipment proficiency; willingness to independently learn new technology and skills.
  • Initiative to follow thru on challenging tasks before asking for assistance from others.
  • Ability to work in a collaborative environment.

To apply, please send resume to kford@ieew.org.

2019 IEEW interns Sonja Sparks and Ariel Wilkerson with former intern, now PTB® Student Coordinator, Nikki Sharber at the 2019 Women’s History Month event, Kick Off Your Shoes.
2019 IEEW interns Sonja Sparks and Ariel Wilkerson with former intern, now PTB® Student Coordinator, Nikki Sharber at the 2019 Women’s History Month event, Kick Off Your Shoes.

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