Power of the Pack

Traditionally, society has taught us the cliche saying “survival of the fittest,” in other words, you won’t make it in this world without competition. The truth is, working with one another and building up each other’s power, enough to challenge it, is truly the only way society will change and evolve. 

At the Institute for Economic Empowerment of Women, we believe in the “power of the pack.” With the help of our PEACE THROUGH BUSINESS® program, we’ve connected more than nine-hundred women entrepreneurs around the world through in-country education and mentorship programs. IEEW acknowledges women often face cultural and systemic hurdles that make it even harder for women to advance in society. To overcome these hurdles, we’ve emphasized the importance of creating networking opportunities with other women entrepreneurs who have “been there, done that.” 

Through our mentorship program, IEEW creates connections that generate a strong relationship based on shared interests and goals. Women from different job industries such as fashion designers, farmers, engineers, IT specialists, and pharmacists have come together to build business plans and learn new tools to succeed in a brighter future. “Running a successful business is much like a choir – everyone has an important part to play, and successful performance depends on everyone working together in harmony. The whole is greater than the sum of its parts,” said Kristin Levitskie, 2021 PTB mentor. Kristin is a current mentor for Sharon Akanyana, a 2021 PTB student and Ishyo Foods LTD owner. Similar to Kristin and Sharon’s relationship, Saadat Banu, a 2021 PTB student from Afghanistan, had some kind words to share about the PTB program and her mentee Natacha Alpert, “I appreciate the guidance and advice on developing my business plan, the support of everyone was beneficial when I presented my business plan in front of the judiciary committee, it was successful,” said Saadat.  

The PTB program’s goal is to establish a transparent group of networking female entrepreneurs to contribute towards the growth of its community. By joining the PTB program, students and mentees realize the incredible growth benefits the program offers. With today’s convenience of technology, it is easier for entrepreneurs worldwide to share ideas and stimulate creativity. PTB mentees and mentors can experience unique and inspiring opportunities created by other women, “I have a strong belief that at the end, I will have enough knowledge to upgrade my business and help other fellow women.” Sandra Mutezimana. Through the success of in-country education and networking, the PTB program has catered to its students’ needs while providing encouragement and inspiration for women entrepreneurs to continue doing what they love! “Entrepreneurship is worth studying. It helps develop and strengthen entrepreneurial mindset, which is critical to success,” said Faith Nziza, 2021 PTB student.