Our goal is to develop a network of entrepreneurs excited about becoming long-term mentors, potential business contemporaries and allies. It is our hope that both mentee and mentor will benefit from this relationship long after the commitment to the PEACE THROUGH BUSINESS® program is complete.

The PEACE THROUGH BUSINESS® (PTB) mentorship program is considered one of the most important pieces of the student's education and can be accomplished online. 

Our previous students have benefited greatly from the mentors, and I know this cohort will as well. Is this something that you would consider doing in 2022? If so, what topics do you prefer mentoring in (Marketing, Communications, Accounting, etc.)? Are there specific industries you would want to focus on, or are you open?

  • Online eMentor - Starting in January 2022, rather than pairing mentors and mentees 1:1, we are looking for a group of e-mentors who will be willing to provide e-support and e-coaching to more than one student in various fields. E-mentorship will be done via Whatsapp, Signal, Skype, or email during times determined by the mentor and mentee. In addition to any ongoing questions or coaching mentees ask, e-mentors will also provide support and coaching on their mentee's business plan development.

Become a Mentor!

To commit to this life-enhancing opportunity, simply complete the online application or contact Karel Ford at 405.943.4474 or

Our Mentors

PTB mentors work in a variety of industries, from agriculture, to IT, to fashion and much more.

"The opportunity to collaborate with a female entrepreneur in Rwanda has broadened my daily business awareness and expanded my knowledge." -Cathy Cruzan, President, Funds For Learning, LLC, Oklahoma City

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