Cultivating Fashion and Tradition in Afghanistan

Mohsina Saqeb introduces her fashion savvy mannequins sporting her unique designs that weld tradition with current trends. 

With an eye for fashion and a passion to contribute to her loving hometown, Mohsina Saqeb sought to find her ideal job in the fashion industry. Born in Kabul, Afghanistan into a family of eight, Mohsina followed in her father’s footsteps to become a well-educated business entrepreneur. Having graduated from the PEACE THROUGH BUSINESS® program in 2018, alumnae Mohsina brought art into her culture’s fashion wear, employment for more than 30 hardworking Afghan women, and hope for all women entrepreneurs around the world.

In the early stages of her career, Mohsina moved to Peshawar, Pakistan, where she was awakened by the opportunity of starting her own business. 

“I have always tried my best to be a self-reliant person and overcome the challenges the women in my country face.” “I tried to find my ideal full-time job but did not get the one I wanted. This made me to think of opening my own business.” 

Mohsina always dreamed of starting a fashion industry business both within Afghanistan and globally. The values in fashion design create a link in cultural values, identifying a nation’s value and providing profit and economic stability at a global level. Through the PEACE THROUGH BUSINESS® program, Mohsina used her desire to contribute to developing her country and successfully establish her handicraft business, Jama Saqeb Handicraft Production Company, also known as JAMA. Inspired by the program and strong women entrepreneurs who surrounded her, Moshina made it her goal to boost her business’s exposure and develop linkages with other women-owned businesses. 

In 2018, Mohsina, as a top student in her class, qualified for the in-person mentorship program in the United States. She learned marketing, finance, Industry tools, and other business ethics to develop a better business plan to take her company to the next level. With no prior experience, Mohsina’s family business progressed in a short period. Starting with just two sewing machines and two tailors, JAMA now distributes carpets and furnishing items aside from her custom pieces. 

Over the past few years, Mohsina has gained global exposure creating unique fashion designs for famous artists such as Aryana Sayyed, a Persian superstar, and has received many awards such as the Enterprising Women’s Award. Upon graduating from the PEACE THROUGH BUSINESS® program, Mohsina served in the Afghanistan Women Chamber of Commerce and Industry from 2017 to 2019, where she engaged in advocacy to advance the Afghan women’s economic interest. Creating new ways to add cultural value from creativity and workforce, Mohsina found a way to become an inspiration to those around her. Her business partner and husband, along with staff, celebrated her return from LD. In return, Mohsina had a gift for each of her team to show her gratitude. 

Today, Mohsina is honored to know she takes part in her country’s development and in giving back to the PTB program.”Our business goal is not to grow financially, but to offer the best quality products to my customers.” From providing inclusive types of locally made clothes, handbags, jewelry, makeup materials, gift packs, and mobile phone covers, Mohsina’s main objective is to improve rural and urban women’s livelihood by boosting their income handicraft materials for JAMA products. Changing the fashion

game in Afghan, women like Mohsina have blossomed in an industry that holds tradition!