2018-19 Mini-Course Mentorship Match List

Last NameFirst NameBusiness NameBusiness TypeIn-Person Mentor
1AkanyanoSharonIshyo Foods LtdFood processing & distribution; fruit, jam, yogurtKristen Levitskie, Levitskie Creative (New Jersey)
2BazizaneFionahOasis Agrovet LtdAgriculture; consult & supply (animal nutrition and health)Melinda Lockhart, Inbound Advisory Group (Dallas)
3DusabeClemenceSaint Samuella Clinic, Multigenix LtdMedical Clinc, Neurology, Physiotherapy, LabDr. Susan Chambers, Integris Lakeside (Oklahoma City) & Stella Nsong
4DusabeDenise Claire21Beauty; cosmetic consultations, retailMarion Marshall, Absolutely Blooming (Dallas)
5KayiganwaClarisseIAN BoutiqueFashion; retail Western & African design, esp for major eventsKatie Rothermel, Rosegold (Oklahoma City)
6MfurayaboMarie ClarisseGolf Montana Solution LtdAccounting | Finance; consulting start-ups, entrepreneursKelly Kunst, GS Wealth Mgmt (Dallas)
7MuhongayireAlianeSANT Company, LtdAgriculture; production - Beetroot, eggplant, cabbage, amaranthKarena Poke, Lettuce Live (Rosenberg, TX)
8MukandengoClaudineDomus Market LtdSupermarket; food and drinks, some snacks and fresh foods produced in houseMatt Runkle, Native Roots founder, consultant (OKlahoma City)
9MukarusineAppolinarieThe Home StoreRetail; building supplies, paint, etc.Cathy Cruzan, Funds For Learning (Edmond, OK)
10MukobwagujuDianeLa Perla Shop LtdRetail; babies and children products, esp. toys, bedding, clothing, etc.Deb Davenport, Numunu Staffing (Dallas)
11MutezimanaSandra4ever Bloom rwRetail; cut flowers and outdoor plants, floral arrangementsMisty Garrett, Hive Helpers (Oklahoma City)
12NyamwizaEnidBooming Co. LtdWater Filtration; franchisee for JIBU, Gasabo DistrictAngelika Coghlan, Insperity (Wisconsin)
13NzizaFaithIvy's Company, LtdSupply Chain; consumables for guest houses, hotelsAngelika Coghlan, Insperity (Wisconsin)
14RugemanaSapientiaHolly Fine Decor LtdEvent Planning; management and decorationMonica Smiley, Enterprising Women (Raliegh)
15UmimanaFortuneeMbaga Investment LtdAgriculture; mixed vegetables, farming & brokeringStella Nsong, 25 (Mentor, Ohio)
16UwimanaAngeMareba Farm & Supply Co.Agriculture; cows, goats, chickens, as well as cabbage, rice, tomatoes, cassavaSylvia Medina, Green Kids Club & Love The Wild (Idaho Falls, ID)
17UwimgabireAmenRapidos Farm & Supply LtdAgriculture; breeding chickens, also furtilizerTameshia Rudd-Ridge, Inala (Dallas)
18MukantekoElyseMely Decor, LtdCreative arts & Entertainment; wedding events, wanting to diversify.Heather Slay, Attorney (Houston, TX)