NAME:  Alka Sadat

COUNTRY: Afghanistan

BUSINESS:  Roya Film House



Bio Information

Alka was born in Herat not long before the Taliban came to Afghanistan and took power.  Not wanting her children to go uneducated, Alka’s mother broke the law by teaching her children at home.  By age 17, the Taliban was out of power and Alka started working with her sister by making films.  Her first film brought recognition by winning the Afghan Peace Prize.  Alka has since made numerous documentaries winning international awards all over the world as a producer, cameraman, and director, as well as TV work.

Supported in her work by family and friends, Alka is passionate about human rights – in particular right for women.  Her desire is to not only address the problems Afghans face, but to also show the good side of Afghans and their culture.

Business Information 

Roya Film House is an independent Afghan film company that was founded in 2003 and is among the first companies founded right after the fall of the Taliban regime. Key personnel of this company are Afghans who have cinematic education in Afghanistan, Italy and South Korea.

With a passion for arts and professionalism, these founding members were able to win some of the most important cinematic prizes in drama and documentary. Most of the production focus of this company has been on Human Rights films, and are the only Afghan company with 12 films on the situation of women and children in Afghanistan.

Winning a number of prestigious awards, this company also directed & produced a few dramas, both the first, second, & third (Behesht Khamosh) ever Afghan soap operas for Tolo TV. Roya Film House has produced films for foreign television stations and international companies and has many advanced equipment and software for digital production.

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