PEACE THROUGH BUSINESS® mentor Ginger Sloan may not have been born a mogul, but with four successful businesses under Ginger Sloan, 2013 PEACE THROUGH BUSINESS® Mentorher belt and three more set to launch in 2014, Sloan is one of Oklahoma’s fastest rising stars. Still, it’s not success that drives Sloan; she is most passionate about the power that comes with being able to change lives through business.
“The business world comes with some hard knocks,” Sloan said. “I love being able to take the lessons I’ve learned along the way, helping entrepreneurs at home and around the world as they literally try to work themselves into better lives.”
Sloan served as a mentor through the Institute for the Economic Empowerment of Women’s PEACE THROUGH BUSINESS® program in 2013, working closely with Rwanda’s Linda Akeza during her time in the program. The two women forged a close bond and are still in contact today.
“Seeing Linda realize her own power as a female entrepreneur has been very gratifying,” Sloan said. “The most surprising thing about the business world to me has been finding my own power and the ability to help others find theirs. It’s been life changing for me to know that I can really, truly change the lives of others. Our managers, our employees, the men and women I’ve been privileged to mentor – I love being a part of their growth.”
Sloan has big plans for 2014, including launching a salon and spa in Edmond and an exclusive boutique in Oklahoma City. She recently purchased longtime Edmond clothing boutique, Isabella, and has begun a “makeover” in the store, bringing in new lines and offering a personalized experience for shoppers.
She is also working with Vernon Deas, a budding designer who recently launched GrpFly clothing and who, with Sloan’s help, will launch an exclusive menswear line soon.
“Vernon’s beginnings are humble like mine, but his dreams are big and his talent is enormous,” Sloan said. “His rise as a designer is just beginning, and I’m honored to be his partner,” Sloan said.
Sloan is also looking forward to serving as an online mentor in 2014, and she will again serve as a mentor for the PEACE THROUGH BUSINESS® program.
“There are budding designers set to participate in the PEACE THROUGH BUSINESS®  program this year from Afghanistan and Rwanda,” Sloan said. “I’m so excited to share what I’ve learned about the fashion industry with these ladies, but I know what they learn from me won’t even compare to what I’ll learn from them. To do what these women do under the circumstances they’ve been given in life – they are just truly inspiring. I grow from each of them; they are a source of strength for me.”