NAME: Anne-Marie Kantengwa


BUSINESS: Hotel Chez Lando




Bio Information

Anne-Marie is the Managing Director and co-owner of Hotel Chez Lando in Kigali.  She is a former member of the Parliament of Rwanda (2003-2008) and was a standing member of the Economic and Trade Committee.  Anne-Marie has been actively involved in many social and economic recovery initiatives, particularly in the tourism industry.

As Founder and President of Hotels and Restaurants Association, she was an honorary member of Women Entrepreneur Association; on the boards of Rwanda Investment Promotion Board, and on the Private Sector Federation.  She believes that the organized hotel and tourism industry should be one of the key components of Rwanda’s economic growth, contributing to more revenues and serving as a major provider of employment.

Business Information 

Hotel Chez Lando applies the tradition of Rwandan hospitality to the needs of the modern travelers catering to the smallest detail of their stay.  The quaint garden-style hotel is located just five minutes from Kigali International Airport and is right on the way to the heart of town.

Sixteen years after the Genocide, Hotel Chez Lando has opened a new Barbeque, a new restaurant with a terrace, and a new meeting hall where comfort and light meet blossoming flowers.  The architecture of the new additions blends with its environment, stylish and modern, and is matching the new face of Rwanda.