Two of the youngest members of the Class of 2017 PEACE THROUGH BUSINESS(r) side by side on the way to their Graduation Gala:
Celine Uwineza from Rwanda & Freshta Sarwaree from Afghanistan.

July 25, 2017

The Class of 2017 was swarmed for photos following Friday evening’s certificate ceremony at the Graduation Gala in Dallas. Charlene Lake (SVP Corporate Social Responsibility, AT&T) and Sharon Miller (Head of Small Business, Bank of America) joined Dr. Terry Neese on stage as presenters.
24 women entrepreneurs from Kigali and Kabul came to the US for two full weeks of education and empowerment. They left Saturday, Rwandans and Afghans, with a long flight home to marinate in their thoughts, new ideas, polished business plans, and continuing stories of their paths to success. They return home poised to create real and sustainable change.
Pictured above are Celine and Freshta, two of our youngest graduates in the Class of 2017. They represent the best and brightest of PEACE THROUGH BUSINESS(r): that youthful exuberance for learning combined with a pure desire to pay forward their knowledge, especially to young girls in their respective countries.
Celine will do so through her HR Consultancy company in Kigali, and Freshta through her private kindergarten in Kabul. They have different avenues of achieving their shared goal, but they are similar in their drives and focus on success. It’s here where these two became fast friends, choosing to sit with one another instead of sticking to their better-known classmates from their country.
Thanks to the two weeks spent here through one-on-one coaching and mentorship around the country and back to graduation, each of the 24 members of the Class of 2017 will return to their home communities and grow their businesses and aim to weave peace. It’s hard to believe that just over two weeks ago we stood in a circle and introduced ourselves. We had no idea what the next two whirlwind weeks would hold! Watch the video of orientation here.
July tends to do that around these parts: one moment it commences, and the next thing you know, it ends in a blaze of color and celebration with the Graduation Gala. Next week we will be closing the office in Oklahoma City, but the second week of August will mark the beginning of The Class of 2018.
We know and trust that many more Celines and Freshtas wait in the wings in Rwanda and Afghanistan, ready to apply PEACE THROUGH BUSINESS(r) at just the right time. We can’t wait to meet them…and introduce them to you.
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Dr. Terry Neese