Our #SmallBusinessWeek featured entrepreneur is Jan Hill. Owner of Eden Salons & Spa in OKC, Jan has spearheaded SIX of our beloved fashion show fundraiser events (photo on left, in 2015). In the photo on the right, Jan can be seen (2nd from left) with Emcees Dean Blevins (far left) and Dr. Susan Chambers (far right) as well as fellow fashion show volunteer stylist and mentor, Cindi Shelby (2nd from right).

May 2, 2017

Jan Hill in July 2016 at the Oklahoma City Golf & Country Club with her 10for10 Making a Difference Award, won in the hallowed volunteer category.
PURE ENTREPRENEURSHIP.  We believe in small business. We breathe it. We know entrepreneurship can change the world, our world, for the better. Entrepreneurs, often in the face of doubt and great challenge, create more new jobs and forge the innovations that alter our shared path.
As the world takes a moment to honor entrepreneurs for their contributions to our livelihood with #SmallBusinessWeek, we wanted to tip our hat to one of the finest we here at The Institute for Economic Empowerment of Women know: Jan Hill.
If you’ve attended any of our beloved fashion show fundraisers, or if you’ve had any interaction with IEEW and our PEACE THROUGH BUSINESS(r) graduates from Rwanda and Afghanistan during our first 11 years, chances are you know, or know of, Jan Hill. If not, allow me to introduce Jan Hill, entrepreneur extraordinaire (National Advisory Committee member and former IEEW board member…who is also much too humble to share any of the below with you!).
Jan founded and runs Eden Salons & Spa in Oklahoma City, adding to her Western Avenue original fixture and NW location with a third, downtown location to match the direction of our city’s growth. An employee’s dream boss and a creative’s dream collaborator, Jan believes in education and mentorship. And she puts her money (and her time) where her mouth is. Jan doesn’t just talk about paying her knowledge forward, she puts it into action. Though her giving to organizations is wide ranging, I can share with you what I’ve seen her give over and over to our program: and that’s six years (so far) of heading up our fashion shows…plus too many Afghan and Rwandan mentees to mention in this short space and even traveling to Rwanda to stay with a visit former mentees as PEACE THROUGH BUSINESS(r) in 2014.
Jan lives the PEACE THROUGH BUSINESS(r) mantra of paying it forward. She serves as a wonderful role model to all the graduates of this program, as a wife and mother who runs her own successful chain of salons and gives back, too.
Come see Jan weave her particular brand of magic in a matter of months! She has agreed to spearhead her SEVENTH fashion experience with us this summer along with Mary Ruppert-Stroescu, Head of Design at Oklahoma State University. Grab a ticket to Her | Art on Tuesday July 18 at the coolest new hotel in town, the 21c Museum Hotel.
Now more than ever, the world needs PEACE THROUGH BUSINESS®Click here to follow the stories of our students on Facebook. The students will be in Dallas and OKC in July. Come meet them!
Together, We Are Paving the Road to Peace
This week, over 30 women entrepreneurs selected for Leadership Development in the US begin their visa appointments in Afghanistan and Rwanda. Can you donate today toward their further education? The experience they’ll share collectively during their time in The States can better our world. 
Together we are paving the road to peace, one woman at a time. Join us!
Best wishes,
Dr. Terry Neese
Buy a ticket to HER | ART, our latest incarnation of our beloved fashion show: Tuesday July 18 @ 21c Hotel on Film Row in Downtown OKC
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