Bottom: PEACE THROUGH BUSINESS(r) graduate Afsana Rahimi’s business, Shayar Media, was ripped to shreds in the recent violent blasts in the heart of Kabul. Top: Days later, Facilitator Manizha Wafeq and other women business leaders refused to give in to terrorism and continued on with their important work.

June 6, 2017

Afsana Rahimi, 2017 PEACE THROUGH BUSINESS(r) grad, sustained extensive damage to her media business during the most recent Kabul blasts.
RESILIENCE IN ACTION. Afsana Rahimi grew up with one goal in mind: “It has always been my dream to live in a country of peace and justice.” It makes sense, then, that she would be drawn to media, a business where she can shine a light on dark places and give empowerment to the under-served and overlooked.
A 2017 PEACE THROUGH BUSINESS(r) graduate, Afsana was among the 15 Afghan leaders selected to come to the US for Leadership Development this year. Her participation among the growing and close knit network of women was such that she had only just hosted a recent meeting of alumnae when a horrific terrorist blast sliced through Kabul on Wednesday, killing 90 and injuring hundreds. Afsana is safe, thankfully, but her offices were torn up with extensive damage as you can see from the photo above.
What was so wonderful to me, beyond the dignity with which Afsana and so many like her handled their losses, was the resiliency the women of PEACE THROUGH BUSINESS(r) demonstrated once again. They didn’t take the chaos as a chance to wallow or a sign to stop or a reason to lose focus. Instead, they felt reinvigorated and used it as a fuel to keep going on their path to empowerment and equality. In the words of longtime Facilitator and 2007 grad Manizha Wafeq upon completing another step in their newly-minted Women’s Chamber election process: “We have to continue doing our plans no matter what happens or how many of us are killed! We have to continue with the hope that we might contribute to a better future!” 
Today, our leadership in Afghanistan is thinking of one thing: now there are more families that have lost their main breadwinner due to these horrific events. We must reach out and help them not just survive, but thrive. Those very words serve as our call to arms in our daily mission. How can you not be inspired?! We will welcome Manizha and 24 other Afghan and Rwandan graduates to the US in July for further business training. Come meet them and be wowed as we are each week!
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