Together we are continuing to shape the history of our world, one empowered woman at a time.

PTB Class of 2018’s Judith Nelly Mukarwema giving speech at the Graduation Gala at La Cima Club Las Colinas.



July 19 and 20, 1848. On these days, the first women’s rights convention in the United States was held in a small chapel in Seneca Falls, New York. It was during this Seneca Falls Convention that 300 people gathered to discuss women obtaining equal rights, including property ownership, financial independence, equal education, and the right to vote. The women who led these ideas emboldened themselves and garnered the support of men in their pursuit of equal rights. It still took another 72 years in the USA for women to gain the right to vote after this initial conference. Today, we are stillworking toward the equal rights of women globally, specifically in Afghanistan and Rwanda, 13 years on.

This auspicious date in US history coincides within the dates of our PEACE THROUGH BUSINESS® Leadership Development program – a time of year when people from around the world gather together with a common faith in women business owners to improve their communities. It is truly a spectacle to behold as these women entering the USA for the program learn from top business experts and build lifelong connections with mentors and volunteers.

By obtaining financial independence and using entrepreneurship to empower themselves and those in their communities, women are claiming their space as equal benefactors in society. The absolute strength that women have demonstrated across time to fight for their freedoms and for the livelihood of their families is a perseverance that should not be taken for granted. Women having a voice is just the beginning to what will play out to be a turning point in world history.

How are women legitimized as productive and essential players in their environment? By gaining standing in the entrepreneurial world? By holding positions of political power? By having the basic right to vote? We are watching women’s history unfold before our eyes as the women of PTB build testimonies to their country’s growth. Looking at the grand development of women’s voice in Afghanistan in the last decade alone, we can see progress blooming. In both Afghanistan and Rwanda, we’ve had multiple alumnae approached about holding government seats, and to date, several have run for office and a number of those have succeeded.

IEEW is seeing women’s history made around the world. The PTB® graduates are playing it out and our supporters are taking part. Together we are continuing the work started 170 years ago by strong yet ordinary individuals. We must continue to honor women’s history, remembering how far we have come and recognizing how far we still have to go, across all borders. The time to move forward is now. Join us in 2019 by donatingeMentoringvolunteering, or simply cheering us on!

RECENTLY IN THE NEWS: “My career has shown me the enormous potential and abundant opportunities for Africa’s future. As Assistant Secretary for African Affairs, I will be guided by my overarching belief that we must look at Africa through the windshield, and not through a rear view mirror. I call on U.S. business to take on this challenge as well, and for those with little or no experience on the continent to embrace the vast opportunities that Africa offers.” –recently appointed US Assistant Secretary of State – Bureau of African Affairs, Tibor P. Nagy, Jr

Immaculee at coffee cupping

Class of 2018: Immaculee Mukamana continues to impress her eMentor

You may remember an article from April on Immaculee Mukamana’s coffee business story, bringing life and prosperity to the land of her late parents. At the beginning of the year, Immaculee was matched with eMentor Luciana Gomez, multicultural marketing specialist and owner of Café Victoria in Dallas, Texas. Now, many months later, Immaculee and Luciana are still fostering a relationship dedicated towards expanding Immaculee’s product internationally. 

Aside from providing feedback while Immaculee formed her business plan, Luciana has connected Immaculee with Dallas coffee roasters who recently received a sampling of her coffee beans for them to roast for themselves. One is even interested in meeting Immaculee and her team in Rwanda. Luciana is helping to bring quality coffee into Dallas, and simultaneously assisting a woman-owned small business from around the globe. A small business which happens to employ over 100 local workers.

The most rewarding aspect of eMentorship for Luciana so far has been getting to know Immaculee’s passion for her business and her clear focus: “She acts on her dreams and that is so inspiring to me. She’s a true hustler and I can see amazing things in her near future because she never stops.”

We hope that everyone has a chance to mentor at some point in their lives, in whatever manner that presents itself. eMentoring makes this experience more accessible to those who come from different worlds to form a partnership across cultures. To learn more about becoming an eMentor for IEEW, click here.

*Photo above: Immaculee Mukamana with coffee experts at Rwanda coffee cupping day in Stockholm, Sweden.

Hakima Zolfaghari

Alumnae: Making an Impact

Hakima Zolfaghari has loved the earth and all its creatures, big and small, since she was a little girl. This fascination combined with her knack for finding solutions led her to buck the system as a young woman in Afghanistan seeking her Bachelor’s degree in Laboratory Science, a typically male-dominated field. Over the years, she came to understand her passion and knowledge could benefit many by applying her scientific discoveries in vermicomposting to solve critical waste management issues in Afghanistan and the greater world. This led to her forming a partnership with her husband in 2012 to open Green Organic, one of Afghanistan’s first leaders on the organic composting front. CLICK HERE to read more on Hakima’s latest breakthrough discoveries.

*Photo above: Hakima Zolfaghari, 2014.

Kate Klise, Rob Garibay, Tara Storch

Spotlight on Speakers

Speakers have the grand power of influence, positioning themselves before crowds of observers who have gathered to learn with undivided attention. The value of this experience is difficult to measure but we do know that people will pay hundreds, if not thousands, to hear from speakers and presenters with expertise in many arenas; whether that be motivational, spiritual, scientific, or business-related.

The speakers that graciously volunteer their time and put their heart into IEEW’s various programs, especially during Leadership Development do so complementary for our students and they cannot be thanked enough. They provide business education on a grand scale and inspire with stories of their successes and trials.

Past speakers such as Mrs, Laura Bush, Melanne Verveer, Randall Stephenson, Patricia Greene, Anita McBride, Fran McMahon, and the list goes on, have all influenced our alumnae for a lifetime in immeasurable ways.

During our Leadership Development Summit each July, we have a full day of speakers presenting to the business women of PEACE THROUGH BUSINESS®, and to the public who wish to take advantage of this opportunity to hear from such esteemed professionals. This presents another level to their generosity: raising dollars that go straight into the students of the program. We want to thank all of our speakers who have provided one of the most essential gifts towards PEACE THROUGH BUSINESS®!

*Photo above: 2018 Summit Speakers Kate KliseMr. Rob Garibay, and Tara Storch.