Zamani, Masomeh- Biz Pic 1

PEACE THROUGH BUSINESS® graduate and Afghan entrepreneur Masomeh Zamani with a client in her full service beauty salon in Kabul.


Texas Entrepreneur Opens Her Home to Women Entrepreneurs of War-Torn Countries

The Institute for Economic Empowerment of Women’s (IEEW) PEACE THROUGH BUSINESS® program has been bringing women entrepreneurs from Afghanistan and Rwanda to the United States for global mentorship for the past 10 years. And this year, Dallas-based entrepreneur Leiya Hasan is excited to mentor Masomeh Zamani during the week of July 16 – 21.

She has been working with Masomeh on refining her business plan for her full service salon, Shaparak Salon, in Kabul, Afghanistan. “It is truly inspiring to see the willpower and motivation these women have to continue operating their own dream business despite societal challenges,” Leiya said. Leiya admires how Masomeh started her business with limited resources but now seems to have a loyal customer base for her hair, makeup, nail and skincare services. Eventually she will expand by training other women in the beauty industry as well as diversifying her online product portfolio.

During her mentee’s stay in Dallas, Leiya will introduce Masomeh to fellow stylists in the DFW metro and give her an opportunity to shadow and learn skills applied in this industry in the US. And of course, give her a tour of Dallas and its great food scene! In fact, Leiya has already found a fantastic fit for a stylist for Masomeh to shadow thanks to another one of our amazing Dallas volunteers, Kelly Kunst, who connected Leiya to her accomplished stylist Shiloh in the Dallas area. Connections such as these continue to be made between our mentors, students, and volunteers, serving as a powerful reminder how women working together to empower each another can work wonders!

”The women of Afghanistan and Rwanda have endured struggles of war and oppression throughout their lives,” said Dr. Terry Neese, IEEW Founder and CEO.  “This program offers women an opportunity to overcome challenges, embrace their full potential and realize that they are not alone on their journey. American mentors have made the difference over this past 10 years of global impact, helping to educate almost 600 business owners who create thousands of jobs for their countrymen and women.”

Benjamin Franklin said, “Tell me and I forget, teach me and I remember, involve me and I learn.” To those ends, Leiya believes that “giving the mentee the tools necessary to think, practice, and learn is a great way to foster development and self-confidence.” We couldn’t agree more!

We would love to have you join us at Summit & Graduation this July. It’s a great chance to meet global entrepreneurs like Masomeh and Leiya. Sign up here!