In-Country Facilitators Chantal Munanayire (left) and Manizha Wafeq (right) are stepping up for their fellow country women. As one PTB® class of 2019 student recently shared: “Our class is wonderful and our facilitator is making sure each student is catching everything in class.”


Each year since 1995, the President of the United States signs a proclamation designating March as Women’s History Month, honoring women’s contributions to American history. In 2002, George W. Bush included in his proclamation: “Today, women in contemporary America are furthering the Founders’ vision by working to advance freedom, increase equality, and administer justice in every corner of our land, through their work in schoolrooms, boardrooms, courtrooms, homes, and communities.”

Freedom, equality, and justice are still at the forefront in women’s minds everywhere. The National Women’s History Alliance theme for 2019 is “Visionary Women: Champions of Peace & Nonviolence,” honoring women for leading efforts to end war, violence, and injustice.

The PEACE THROUGH BUSINESS® program was created to educate women who have suffered oppression, marginalization, and those whose homelands have been devastated by war, genocide, and poverty. IEEW is directly empowering global women visionaries to lead their communities towards peace. We need leaders, mentors, and role models willing to help emerging women learn to stand up for themselves and live out their ambitions.

PTB® alumnae are producing jobs, running for office, and advocating for their sisters within their own communities. They run schools, law firms, NGOs, sustainable energy projects, and so much more. They are mothers, they care for widows and orphans, they are role models for those around them.

International Women’s Day is recognized on March 8th each year and its 2019 theme is #BalanceforBetter, a call to action for a gender-balanced world. As we mark another year of honoring women during March, let’s make it a march forward. Everyone deserves to play an equal role in the future we build. Without balance, groups of people get left behind, underrepresented, and mistreated. So LET WOMEN BE HEARD. We hear you! Let us continue to hear you and honor you this month, and every single day. For over twelve years, PEACE THROUGH BUSINESS® has been empowering women to step up on the gender parity scale, tipping toward balance and enabling hope for harmony.

Step up on the scale today. These are pivotal times, especially in Afghanistan and Rwanda, and women must be brought to the table. Appropriately, another 64 PTB® students are graduating from in-country business education this month, 75 women (including provincial mini-course graduates) will present their newly minted business plans to a Leadership Development nomination committee. 30 of these determined women will have the opportunity to participate in Leadership Development in the U.S.A., which is only possible thanks to our donors. Join us in educating strong female leaders. Support us this month by participating in our Women’s History Month Non-Event; help us reach our goal of raising $25,000 for the education of women entrepreneurs while honoring your own role as a business leader. Donate ($25, $50, $100) in honor of the women in your life who have lifted you up to become who you are today.

Agnes and Sharon

Brewing Up Success In Rwanda

2019 PEACE THROUGH BUSINESS® student, Agnes Mukamushinja, wants the world to know exactly how important the Rwandan coffee trade is, not only to the country but to its women as well. As a child, Agnes beamed with pride when she had the chance to tag along with her father, an agronomic public servant, to local coffee farms which she valued as educational visits. As wonderful as those moments were, coffee was not Agnes’ first dream.

Read more about how Agnes is making a difference in the lives of women in her community through her business, Nova Coffee.

*Above photo: Agnes Mukamushinja with international green coffee grader, Sharon Jan.

Bibi with Minister of Energy and Water

Paying It Forward Profiles: Bibi Yalda Seddiqi

Determined to make positive environmental changes in Afghanistan, Bibi Yalda created Green Afghanistan, a business implementing the local assembly of improved, energy-efficient cook stoves. This is the business that she brought into the PEACE THROUGH BUSINESS® program last year. We featured Bibi in our November 2018 newsletter, highlighting her passion for improving her country. Her contagious enthusiasm and drive did not dissipate after her Leadership Development experience in Dallas. Read more about Bibi’s latest efforts to empower Afghan women.

*Above photo: Bibi Yalda speaking with Afghanistan’s Minister of Energy and Water, Mr. Mohammad Gul Khulmi.

Dr. Hesarnaee and Dr. Chambers

Mentorship Spotlight: Dr. Susan Chambers and Dr. Sharifa Hesarnaee

Dr. Sharifa Hesarnaee (PTB® class of 2018) operates her private OB/GYN diagnostics and curative clinic in Afghanistan, where she is empowering women to take control of their own health. Sharifa attended the 10 weeks of in-country business education while communicating online with her mentor, Dr. Susan Chambers, co-founder of Lakeside Women’s Hospital in Oklahoma City. This duo was able to meet in person when Sharifa was selected among the top 15 in her class to travel to the U.S. for two weeks of Leadership Development. Dr. Hesarnaee lived and worked with Dr. Chambers for five days where she learned the latest techniques in gynecological surgery, patient counseling and more. Sharifa is sharing what she learned with her medical associates in Afghanistan, continuing her education, and creating a better environment for women’s health in her country. Susan Chambers has been a long-time supporter of IEEW and serves on the Board of Directors. These two make up a shining example of #WomenEmpoweringWomen, between each other and within their greater communities.

We are always seeking new additions to our network of PEACE THROUGH BUSINESS® mentors. Learn more about the mentorship experience HERE.

*Above photo: Dr. Hesarnaee (left) with Dr. Chambers (right) at Lakeside Women’s Hospital during mentorship week, 2018.  

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Everything’s better in your PJs! IEEW invites you to our Women’s History Month Non-Event, join us!


Congratulate the class of 2019 this month! Students graduate on March 14th in Afghanistan and March 22nd in Rwanda.

Oklahoma City – save the date for March 29th! Announcement for our local March event is coming soon.