2017 PEACE THROUGH BUSINESS(r) graduates Goretti “Gogo” Kabano and Belyse Kamendege (L to R) enjoy their first day of Leadership Development on campus at AT&T University.

The yellow roses of Texas, presented by Dr. Kevin Fegan (President-Texas, Northwood University), served to welcome the students to the great state…and to the US.
Photo by: Karel Ford

August 15, 2017

Goretti’s mentor Meena Chakraborty shared this photo of her in front of the Rochester Hills City Offices in Michigan last month during their five days of mentorship together.
Two dozen women entrepreneurs from Kigali and Kabul came to the US for two weeks of advanced training last month. They were the top of their classes, selected from a larger group of women hoping to grow their businesses and add to their growing list of credentials. Rwandans and Afghans alike came to US shores ready to create ripples in their businesses and communities back home. Our job is to create the perfect atmosphere to forge new ideas, lifelong relationships, and launch businesses into the next ether.
Of the entire two week PEACE THROUGH BUSINESS(r) program, year after year the students continue to tell us that mentorship is their favorite part. It’s the perfect mix of real world experience with hands-on knowledge. Add in the beginnings of a decades-long friendship and sounding board, and you get the prototypical mentor-mentee repartee we see each year when students spend time shadowing their US mentors where ever they may live. In fact, our students this year went everywhere from Silicon Valley to Detroit and all points in between.
In Goretti Kabano’s case, she went to suburban Detroit to spend time with Meena Chakraborty, owner of Super Cuts in the greater Detroit area. A Kigali native and salon owner herself (Beautylicious boasts NINE employees!), Gogo enjoyed getting to spend quality time with Meena learning ways to boost her own business back home.  Small tips like having a set greeting for employees (“welcome to Super Cuts”) were the sorts of invaluable tidbits you just can’t get through long distance mentorship. I really enjoyed reading more about Goretti and Meena’s adventures together in Meena’s local paper. Read the article hereand get a glimpse yourself!
In case you missed it last week: The First Lady of Afghanistan, Her Excellency Rula Ghani, honored us with a congratulatory video for the Class of 2017 at their Graduation Gala! Watch the First Lady’s remarks here.
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Dr. Terry Neese