In 2013, Keita graduated from the Kigali Institute of Management with a Bachelor’s degree in Business Management, specializing in Finance. Upon graduating, she knew she wanted to start her own business. After witnessing all the suffering around her, she was inspired to help those in her community any way she could.

Keita enjoys fashion, as well as interacting and building relationships with her customers. She feels this helps build loyalty and encourages her clients to spread the word of Keita Fashions.  “I enjoy fashion and I have the ability to sell”, says Keita “it is understanding my customer; it’s simply being willing to go beyond business.” Keita Fashions specializes in women’s clothing and footwear, with an eye on creativity.  The clothing she offers is marked by unique designs that appeal to the different tastes and preferences of her market.

Keita Fashion was established by the money she had saved while attending University, and working several jobs.  She began by selling makeup and bags at school, but she found that her customers were always more interested in what she was wearing and how they could buy it!  This was her inspiration for Keita Fashions.  Her sales grew through the use of Facebook.