PEACE THROUGH BUSINESS® graduate and Facilitator Manizha Wafeq poses for a selfie with some of the 2017 in-country class members currently studying in Kabul.

February 23, 2017

2017 PEACE THROUGH BUSINESS® student Clementine Uwase is another strong womanmaking a name for herself at her goods and supply store in Kigali, Rwanda.
STRONG WOMEN.  It was an honor to recently catch up with Real Leaders magazine and share my story as a lifelong advocate for women‘s empowerment. Seeing the title at publication, “The Strong Women‘s Club” made me smile. It’s true, my life’s work has been connecting and educating strong women, who in turn together will change the world.
But the real story here is not mine: it’s the strong women of PEACE THROUGH BUSINESS® that really steal the show. Look at the faces atop this page: Manizha Wafeq, 2007 graduate and Afghan Facilitator, snapping a resilient selfie with the global womenentrepreneurs currently studying in PEACE THROUGH BUSINESS® in Kabul. She and her fellow program sisters in Kigali are over 60 strong and will make ripples well beyond the program’s end.
These women are strong. They face obstacles that we as American womencan never fully comprehend. To enroll in a class to build a business in Afghanistan may be for some a revolutionary act in a country where women are increasingly feeling their rights diminish under The Taliban. Simply attending our classroom may be a risk, yet they persist. From Afghanistan to Canada, from Rwanda to America, PEACE THROUGH BUSINESS® bridges women from all walks of life with one mission: to strengthen women globally. This has been my life’s work, and to see it blossom over the past decade has been a true joy.
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And please check out the Real Leaders article and let me know what you think.
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Together, We Are Paving the Road to Peace
A month from now, the 2017 class of PEACE THROUGH BUSINESS® wraps up their in-country business training in Kigali and Kabul.
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Thank you for all you do to empower women globally. Together, we truly are paving the road to peace, one woman at a time.
Best wishes,
Dr. Terry Neese