PEACE THROUGH BUSINESS(r) 2017 business student Celine Uwineza will travel to Leadership Development in the US with an eye toward improving the future of the country whose 1994 genocide affected her life and those of many of her classmates. She pays it forward, as seen here, by inspiring the next generation of Rwandan leaders.

May 16, 2017

Celine Uwineza, 2017 grad, is already paying it forward by sharing her story of survival and success with young girls and boys to inspire the next generation of Rwandan leaders.
PAYING IT FORWARD.  PEACE THROUGH BUSINESS(r) rests upon three prongs: in-country classwork, Leadership Development in July in the US, and what we have come to call over and over again paying it forward.
This key part of the program usually gets started once a student has soaked up the benefits of Leadership Development. Having spent two weeks in America shadowing an American business woman in their fields and putting in rigorous hours studying within Business Boot Camp, the 30 women entrepreneurs selected for further training are encouraged and inspired to return to Rwanda and Afghanistan and pay it forward.
Paying it forward can be getting involved in local politics to effect change in the way women are treated. It can mean simply volunteering time with students. It can be speaking at your church or synagogue or mosque. And overall it means educating and empowering your own workforce. Whatever it means, however large or small, PEACE THROUGH BUSINESS(r) believes that each woman can create massive ripples not only through growing her business but also by reaching out to affect change within her community.
In Celine Uwineza’s case, she’s not waiting to complete her Leadership Development studies before she gets started on the paying it forward part of her PEACE THROUGH BUSINESS(r) path. In fact, Celine is already out there getting involved by sharing her powerful story of overcoming the genocide to run a successful business in Rwanda, Right Seat, a Human Resources consultancy firm. As Celine says, “Graduates and especially young adults are suffering from unemployment; and not necessarily because they are not skilled, but they lack guidance, exposure, advocacy, encouragement and someone to push them to realize their maximum potential.” So she’s taking matters into her own hands to offer the kind of guidance she wishes she’d had. In fact, she says, she intends to “contribute to peace building by striving for excellency“. We can’t wait to welcome Celine to the US in July to see where she’ll soar from there!
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Together, We Are Paving the Road to Peace
The Rwandan and Afghan women entrepreneurs selected for Leadership Development in the US are days away from completing their visa visits in uncertain international times. We are doing everything we can to ensure they have the opportunity to come here for further training to fulfill our mission of empowering more women.
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Together we are paving the road to peace, one woman at a time.
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