The 25 members of the Afghan Class of 2017 of PEACE THROUGH BUSINESS(r) received the greatest honor: the First Lady of Afghanistan, Mrs. Rula Ghani, (center, in white) hosted their graduation ceremony on March 13 in Kabul.

April 11, 2017

The PEACE THROUGH BUSINESS® Afghan Class of 2017 along with Facilitator Manizha Wafeq (3rd from right) present a banner to First Lady Rula Ghani (2nd from right) in thanks for her hosting their graduation on March 13.
EMPOWERING WOMEN.  The last month has been non-stop action for PEACE THROUGH BUSINESS®. So action-packed, in fact, that we haven’t had a proper moment to stop and reflect upon the magnitude of last month’s jewel in our crown: the First Lady of Afghanistan, Mrs. Rula Ghani, paid the women of this program the great honor of hosting the in-country graduation ceremony in Kabul on March 13. Mrs. Ghani has been a great champion of women’s rights in her home country, and we take our hats off to her for remaining a steadfast pioneer in the face of political naysayers and often-violent extremists. That she took time out of her busy advocacy and travel schedule to honor the graduates of PEACE THROUGH BUSINESS® meant so much to each woman who worked tirelessly across 10 weeks during in-country classes. It was a wonderful example of taking time to give back to other women in the face of great challenges, demanding family life, and countless obligations.
Later in the month of March, I traveled to DC for the US-Afghan Women’s Council meeting with Mrs. Ghani and Mrs. Laura Bush. Fresh off her experience with our graduation ceremonies led by Afghan Facilitator Manizha Wafeq, Mrs. Ghani was able to speak to The Council succinctly about why we have been such a success in Afghanistan for 11 years. As she said, PEACE THROUGH BUSINESS® stands alone as being an effective program for women’s empowerment after so many years. We feel these words in our bones, and it fuels our work day in and day out; yet to hear them spoken by the First Lady herself was a real validation to our mission and a genuine honor. Most importantly, it takes notice of the work that the graduates are doing out there in the world, expanding their businesses and Paying It Forward in their communities.
What separates us from other training programs is our reliance on the combination of mentoring and Paying It Forward. Check out this video of Manizha Wafeq talking about returning to Afghanistan after Leadership Development to empower one’s fellow countrywomen and to honor one’s country.
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Together, We Are Paving the Road to Peace
Take it from the First Lady and the Honorable Ambassador Mohib, PEACE THROUGH BUSINESS® works.
Today, 30 women entrepreneurs in Rwanda and Afghanistan are gathering documentation for visa appointments. Could you donate today toward their further education? The lessons they take back to their home countries have the power to change our globe.
Together we are paving the road to peace, one woman at a time.
Best wishes,
Dr. Terry Neese
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