Weaving Success Through Diversity & Obstacles

Anyone who has ever seen beautiful, handwoven carpets must admit that it takes time and skill, and most importantly, patience for the process. For Zargol Alami, it is a way to put her dedication and abilities to good use toward her wish of expanding the unique handcrafts of Kunduz women throughout the world. Some might think that is only wishful thinking and farfetched, but all success is laid with a necessary foundation of hope and dedication.

Meet Zargol Alami, born in Afghanistan in 1976, a mother of 6. She has overcome a civil war, socio-economic setbacks, yet that did not stop her and her passion. At a relatively young age, she had to prevail over extreme poverty and many relocation circumstances due to the war. She has finished her education and wants to contribute to other women with the same condition and background. War is often the significant disturbance to fulfilling one’s educational goals in such countries, but that did not stop Zargol, and therefore, any future success goals are more likely to be obtainable.

Obstacles among women in Afghanistan are not only through the ongoing warfare happening in their own country but also through overcoming daily economic struggles. Zargol wants to dedicate herself to improving not only her own welfare, but also for the many women of Kunduz, particularly in carpet weaving. She hopes that one day people throughout the world will obtain beautifully handmade carpets and appreciate the women’s efforts in Kunduz by building a better economic and social future for them and their families. With that in mind, let’s weave our hearts and minds together to help Zargol to join the PEACE THROUGH BUSINESS® program dedicated to women building success in business and in life.

by Grace Tran, IEEW Volunteer