IEEW Board: Global Connectors in the USA

As they say, it takes a village. At IEEW, our village begins with our invaluable leadership team, the Board of Directors. These women help make empowering women entrepreneurs a lot more accessible. Their dedication to the mission of educating women business owners and their individual testimonies about their experiences with PEACE THROUGH BUSINESS® alumnae inspire their peers to join the cause.

Close to home, IEEW has three Oklahoma City community leaders that serve on the Board of Directors, mentor students, and more. Dr. Susan Chambers, OB / GYN at Integris Lakeside Women’s Hospital has worked with several midwives and clinicians over the years. She also leads the pop-up shop team in July – a tremendous role because it is an opportunity for supporters to shop the various handicrafts and fashions made by PEACE THROUGH BUSINESS® students. Nancy Hyde, CPA, serves as the Board treasurer and offers her services in-kind as accountant and auditor. Our newest Oklahoma City board member, Cathy Cruzan, President at Funds for Learning, has jumped right in to the mix and loves to host and mentor a houseful of students each year.

From Wichita, KS, Erica Anderson Taylor, with Airica Consulting, has been a great help with designing our brochures, helping to keep our newsletter relevant and more. And in North Carolina, Monica Smiley, Enterprising Women Magazine, not only sponsors stories of PEACE THROUGH BUSINESS®, she also awards one Rwandan and one Afghan student annually with the Enterprising Women award that highlights leaders who are not only growing their businesses, but also giving back to the community. 

Dao Jensen, with Kaizen Technology Partners in San Francisco has made it her mission to help see that IEEW stays relevant in our changing world through technology and through her knowledge and connections in the start-up community. These trailblazers, along with the Chairman of the Board and Founder of IEEW and the PEACE THROUGH BUSINESS® program, Dr. Terry Neese, have set the standard for empowering women. We are proud to have them all on our team. We celebrate them especially this month, Women’s History Month, as pioneering women creating change in the world.