Books & Brains and Little Smiles

Branding is a key step to any new business. Sometimes a brand becomes part of our everyday vocabulary, such as googled, or Kleenex, and even bubble wrap. And some names become synonymous with an action; hoola-hoop, trampoline, and jet ski. So it is exciting to see some of the clever branding being used by students of the PEACE THROUGH BUSINESS® 2020 class.

Two business names that stand out in the Rwanda class are Books and Brains and Little Smiles. Both names immediately bring to mind children. In fact, both entrepreneurs cater to children, one in education and one in fashion. Already these women are exhibiting a knack for branding and marketing by addressing the customer segment in their company name.

Children discover the joys of reading within Florence’s mobile library, Books & Brains
Linda Grace Rugema poses in front of her storefront, Little Smiles

Florence Isaro’s love of books led her to become a French & English translator until she started her own business. As a mother of three boys, Florence quickly discovered how difficult it was going to be to offer her family the kind of access to the library that she had so cherished. Her passion for reading and the desire to share with her boys led her to start a mobile library. The library, Books & Brains, mission is to introduce the joy of reading to children. An online ‘booking’ system allows families to reserve books for the next drive by.

Linda Rugema is also in the Rwanda class of 2020 and her company, Little Smiles, is a children’s clothing and accessories shop that must have been a natural fit for someone raised with six siblings and now has two young children of her own. Linda has all the typical questions that small businesses face, such as figuring out her market segment, human resource management, and most of all, how to make it all work and still maintain a healthy family life. Still, Linda has dreams of supplying preschools and opening a garden in back of her store where children can read books, play, and generate Little Smiles.

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