Staying Rooted and Giving Back, Faheema Commits to her Home Country

Faheema Eissar, PTB class of 2018, returns to teach Marketing to the class of 2020

What makes impact sustainable? Donor dollars should set the ball in motion for organic change within a community, not act as a source of reliance. One woman impacting many – that is the philosophy of creating peace through business. And that is why the PEACE THROUGH BUSINESS® program is so important.

One graduate from the PTB Afghanistan class of 2018 has recently put this concept on display. Faheema Eissar came into the program to improve her water filtration business, Noosh Afareen, and to dive deeper into the world of entrepreneurship. She excelled during the in-country classes and was invited to the U.S. to attend two weeks of Leadership Development. However, Faheema was denied a visa to enter the U.S. and was unable to attend the additional training and mentorship. Even though she was could not take part in this inspiring portion of the program, Faheema still committed to paying it forward – the PEACE THROUGH BUSINESS® way.

Classes have begun in both countries and already, Faheema has taken initiative in teaching the Marketing chapter to the new class of 2020. She is stepping forward to help others, and in doing so, she is also helping herself to become a stronger leader. Faheema spent her childhood as a refugee, weaving carpets to earn income for her family. After the fall of the Taliban, she returned to her home, Afghanistan, with a determination to stay planted and to create opportunity for others, despite all challenges:

“I have remained optimistic about staying here, and have invested every penny I have had, while almost all of my friends either have left the country, or are leaving, to seek better opportunities elsewhere. I find myself rooted in this land, and I want to make sure I stay optimistic that I will grow beautiful leaves and branches, and will be of use here, in my own land.”

She has made a commitment to her country, peers and herself, and is acting out her mission. This is why we do what we do: to empower those who seek to empower others. The domino effect of giving is a powerful force.

Faheema poses for a selfie in her water filtration business