Around the Class of 2019: Barbara Umuhoza

Barbara Umuhoza takes the podium at the 2019 Graduation Gala in Las Colinas, Texas.

Barbara’s vision for her company, Eclat Communications, is “To become an international leading communication company by 2030 by creatively providing content and business support that will socially and economically transform lives.” She formed the business as a way for people to create and maintain meaningful relationships with each other. Barbara serves to influence the globe, and she knew she would need to learn business skills if she was going to make her venture a success. In joining PEACE THROUGH BUSINESS®, she learned how to have an executive presence and built confidence in herself, now believing that she can make it as a woman in business.

During the Graduation Gala in the United States, Barbara stepped up to the podium and spoke as a representative for her country to the crowd of graduates, guests, and sponsors. Her words left the audience with a hope for the future of women in Rwanda and with a camaraderie among hard working women worldwide: “I have learnt to stand up for myself, stand together with other women and grow together.”

Barbara recently served as a moderator for the 2019 AFI Global Policy Forum: Using Technology for Inclusion of Women and Youth. She is already using her platform to address critical world issues and has joined the PTB Alumnae Association as a gateway to Paying it Forward in her country.