Alumnae Making an Impact: Kubra Jafari

Kubra Jafari and others at the 7iStans 10K

When Kubra came to PEACE THROUGH BUSINESS® in 2014, she was already successfully creating media stories that highlighted the positives of her native Afghanistan through the work of own media production company. Kubra has since found another way to bring positivity to her country by creating a new company that will help spread one of her passions — long distance running.

Prior to forming this organization, Kubra worked for three years as program manager for an organization that helped empower women through sports and that’s when she knew she was ready to step up on her own. 7iStans is an organization located in Afghanistan that promotes long distance running alongside cultural exploration. 7iStans not only brings long distance running to south and central Asia, they also introduce people to numerous sports that are not as common in the area such as ice hockey, ice skating, skiing, and kayaking. Past events have included hiking and running a 10k in Panjshir, a winter sports event in Bayman, and a 5k walk/run. 7iStans will be featuring an international long distance run – a 50K ultra – this October. Kubra hopes the company will be able to hold seven annual races, each in a different country. 

Congrats to Kubra on finding a unique way to help empower others in her country through health, exploration, and team activities while also creating a bridge between Afghans and athletes from neighboring countries. We wish 7iStans the best of luck!

Written by: Sonja Sparks, 2019 IEEW intern