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Founder Dr. Terry Neese to Have Milestone Birthday Fun Raiser!

By On behalf of IEEW | November 2, 2022

IEEW’s founder Dr. Terry Neese is celebrating a milestone birthday. On December 1, 2022 Dr. Neese will be celebrating her 75th birthday. In lieu of gifts for her birthday this year, Dr. Neese is asking for a tax-deductible donation to the 2023 PEACE THROUGH BUSINESS program. We hope you can join the celebration! RSVP Here…

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Afghan Women Entrepreneurs Battle to Retain Economic Freedom

By On behalf of IEEW | October 19, 2022
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The Afghan Adjustment Act

By Anna Rohwer | May 10, 2022

Congress will soon vote on the passage of the Afghan Adjustment Act. The majority of Afghans evacuated to the US following our military withdrawal have only been granted temporary protection via humanitarian parole, which is due to expire this summer or next. Though they have the legal right to temporarily live and work in the…

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Afghan Women and the Battle for Their Rights

By On behalf of IEEW | April 14, 2022

Over the past two decades, Afghan women made significant progress in expanding their rights and gaining access to educational and economic opportunities in Afghanistan. In 2001, Afghanistan had an estimated 1 million students enrolled in school, most of whom were male. In 2020, less than 20 years later, there were more than 9.5 million Afghan…

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Left Behind but Not Forgotten

By On behalf of IEEW | April 13, 2022

Samman was one of two Afghan women who recently graduated from our PEACE THROUGH BUSINESS® program in Rwanda, where she is now living as a refugee. We feel so honored that she was part of our class and invited her to share some thoughts on her experience.  Hi everyone! I am Samman Akbarzada, an author from…

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Cultivating Fashion and Tradition in Afghanistan

By Amy London | January 6, 2021

With an eye for fashion and a passion to contribute to her loving hometown, Mohsina Saqeb sought to find her ideal job in the fashion industry. Born in Kabul, Afghanistan into a family of eight, Mohsina followed in her father’s footsteps to become a well-educated business entrepreneur. Having graduated from the PEACE THROUGH BUSINESS® program…

Securing the “Right Seat” for Rwanda’s Workforce

By Amy London | January 6, 2021

“I lived a happy childhood, where I felt the warmth of my family until April 7th, 1994.”  Broken into pieces after losing her mother and three siblings, Celine Uwineza found herself battling inner emotions yet determined, now more than ever, to overcome her grief and unleash her desire for a brighter future. Some would say…

The Battle Against Hunger

By On behalf of IEEW | October 31, 2020

Since the genocide against the Tutsis in 1994, Rwanda has fought a battle against its children’s stunting problem. With the country’s population consisting mostly of youth, Rwanda has been pressing efforts to create sustainable resources to transform communities through health andeconomic empowerment. Inspirational women such as Fortunee Uwimana experienced firsthand the loss of not just…

Weaving Success Through Diversity & Obstacles

By On behalf of IEEW | October 30, 2020

Anyone who has ever seen beautiful, handwoven carpets must admit that it takes time and skill, and most importantly, patience for the process. For Zargol Alami, it is a way to put her dedication and abilities to good use toward her wish of expanding the unique handcrafts of Kunduz women throughout the world. Some might…


By Amy London | October 15, 2020

M&U Ninda Ltd: Green Energy for All, is a energy product retailer and wholesaler, importing and selling energy saving lighting to engineers and contractors, as well as individual middle-class households in Rwanda. Clarisse is betting on the future needs for energy savings and the desire to offset rising electricity prices. In fact, the Rwandan government is announcing…


By Amy London | October 1, 2020

Nimroz, Afghanistan, is perhaps the most raw and untamed province, a desert oasis in the southwestern corner nudged between the borders of Iran and Pakistan where sandstorms and smugglers menace the city regularly. As a drug-smuggling hub, Nimroz provides a financial artery for the Taliban. Here, Hasina Azizi Baluch, a Zaranj City business operator, is…

EW's Monica Smiley announces PEACE THROUGH BUSINESS(r) Class of 2020 Enterprising Women of the Year awards for Afghanistan and Rwanda.

Nadege Benimana & Guljan Samar Receive the 2020 Enterprising Women of the Year Award

By Amy London | August 6, 2020

 BY MONICA SMILEY The Enterprising Women of the Year Awards program is considered the most prestigious global recognition program for outstanding women entrepreneurs.  Now in its 18th year, this program recognizes women business owners from the United States and around the world who have financially strong, growing businesses—women who are leaders in their communities, and…

From ‘Mind is full’ to Mindful

By Amy London | July 2, 2020

There has been a lot of talk on social media about gaining weight and the lazy habits created during the current COVID-19 pandemic. Everyone is feeling the effects of sheltering in place over the past several months whether it be commercial, personal, or a combination of both. In Afghanistan, PEACE THROUGH BUSINESS® alumnae and Class…

Brave Faces In Afghanistan

By Amy London | May 13, 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic saw waves of Afghan men crossing the border from Iran to get back into their home country, a country they once fled. They were terrified of contracting the virus and in trying to escape it, they unknowingly brought it across the border to a country with very little resources to contain and combat it. As…

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